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Call Andrew at (314) 802-8328 today for your fresh start. Attorney Magdy files Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies for consumers in the Saint Louis area. He can also help you out with Fair Debt protection when you are getting harassed by debt collectors - you may get up to $1000 for a successful claim against a proven violation!

Andrew Magdy Bankruptcy - Helping Good People Out of Bad Situations

Tired of being broke? Worried about losing your home to debt? Getting harassed by collection agencies? Or do you just need a fresh start for you and your family to finally get out of that hole and start climbing the financial ladder? Life happens, and as a local St. Louis Bankruptcy attorney, Andrew Magdy knows that. He has almost a decade of experience in bankruptcy, personally filing over 2000 cases - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 - in that time. Andrew personally handles your case from start to finish so you know it is done right, and is one of the most affordable bankruptcy attorneys in the Saint Louis area. Call (314) 802-8328 today and let Andrew help you figure out how to loosen that harsh financial belt with a free initial bankruptcy consultation.

Now here is something that you really need to know: Bankruptcy is not a badge of shame. Bankruptcy is a way to draw a line in the sand and say, “I've had enough!” Bankruptcy is certainly not an end. It is a beginning. Bankruptcy is a fresh start. It is a way to begin again with a fresh slate. Bankruptcy will not make your credit score drop to zero, though it will take a toll. You can bounce back after bankruptcy by picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and beginning to climb up again. We will have suggestions how to do just that. The credit counselors will have suggestions and resources that will show you how to rebuild your credit. There are even books at the library or at your favorite bookstore that address how to rebuild your credit.

It takes courage to say ‘No More! Get your life back with Andrew’s help today.

Bankruptcy is all about stress relief, and here at The Law Office of Andrew Magdy we like to take all the credit for being your stress relief. But in actuality it is the amazing effect of the automatic stay that bankruptcy causes. The notice of commencement of case that is sent out to all your creditors tells them that they can not take certain actions. Once you file bankruptcy your creditors can no longer write you, call you, sue you or garnish you. The automatic stay is like a temporary injunction. It tells creditors to back off until further notice. You get this stress relief right from the beginning of the case. The discharge you get at the end of the case is like a permanent injunction. It tells creditors that they can not take any of those actions against you for the rest of your life.

So take a moment to really weigh up your options, and embrace bankruptcy as an opportunity. It will let you keep (or regain) your sanity! It will force you to live within a budget—which is a good thing, honest. It will make you regroup, ponder your financial history, and plan the future of your financial success.

See you soon!

Debt Collection Violations can mean $$$. Click for info.

Debt Collection Violations can mean $$$. Click for info.

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