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Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy In Saint Louis

Stopping A Foreclosure

If you have received a foreclosure notice or are behind on your mortgage payments, you should contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney today. You must act quickly, as once the foreclosure sale has occurred, it cannot generally be undone.

Discharging Tax Debt Through a Bankruptcy

Many clients come to us under the mistaken belief that taxes may not be discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Though some taxes may never be discharged under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (such as those withheld by an employer, or tax debt secured by property) income taxes may very well be discharged if three conditions are met.

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Simply considering bankruptcy as an option is a good idea, since you can properly weigh up the pro’s and con’s after speaking with an expert on the matter.

Chapter 7 Bankuptcy

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation of non-exempt assets. It is also referred to as a “straight bankruptcy” a “total bankruptcy” or a “fresh start bankruptcy”. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offers individuals and couples a fresh start.

Got The January Blues?

Get the Christmas gift you really wanted: Immediate Debt Relief. At The Law Office of Andrew Magdy, we can take away all that stress, decrease your worries with a simple free consultation, and help you get back on track fast with a relatively cheap bankruptcy. 

New Year’s Resolution: Get out of Debt!

Think back on the past year. Did you live paycheck to paycheck? Were you constantly worried about bills? Did unexpected expenses cause you to take out loans you simply cannot afford to repay? Has a loss of employment affected you or your family? If any of these situations apply to you, bankruptcy may be the best way to start your new year.