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If you didn't already know, The Law Office of Andrew Magdy is a founding member of Allied Bankruptcy Law. Allied can be defined as a network of bankruptcy attorneys throughout the Eastern District of Missouri, each of whom serve an exclusive area in which they strive to give the utmost level of dedication to their prospective and current clients. We have Andrew Magdy in Saint Louis and Troy, MO; Charles E N Rosene in Bridgeton; Morgan Teague in Saint Charles; Erik Papke in Jefferson County; and Mark McMullin in Cape Girardeau. You can read more about them on the Allied website, here.

To cut a long story short, Allied has updated their website, and we think it looks rather good! Please take a second to head on over to and give it a once over, then if you would like, leave us some feedback at the bottom of this blog, or on Facebook. If you have another second to spare - I know, I know, I'm taking up all your time already! - click on and 'like' the Allied Bankruptcy Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions about bankruptcy, just email - or leave us a comment/message here and we will contact you just as soon as we can.