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Spring Clean: Use Your Tax Refund For Clean Slate Bankruptcy

In times present and past, many cultures celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year with the erstwhile tradition of a good old clear out, reorganization, and thorough house clean, so that we may start the year afresh. Why not apply this theory to your finances as well? This Spring may be the perfect time for your fresh start.

If you're overwhelmed with debt, then now is the time to do something about it. Using your tax refund to pay for your affordable bankruptcy to springboard you into a Chapter 7 may seem a little frustrating in the short-term, but it's the wise move long-term. Getting rid of your debt now will mean you no longer have those high credit card bills, or wage garnishments coming directly out of your hard-earned paycheck, or impossibly high medical bills that would never get paid off otherwise.

How do you get started? By calling (314) 802-8328 and setting up your totally free appointment to talk with our experienced attorney, who will help you turn your life around. It's time to start living again!