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Recently, my office has been flooded with phone calls from clients being harassed by alleged collection companies. The calls are all eerily similar. These “collectors” tell my clients that they are investigating a fraud case for a payday loan. They always provide a common but generic name, such as John Smith or Tom Jones (not the famous singer) and inform the client that they have court paperwork to serve the client at their address. They ask to know when they will be home so the paperwork can be served. They also inform the client that because of the fraudulent acts the client could face jail time and they will be blacklisted (from what, they never say).

If you owe a payday loan company, this call can be quite frightening. If you are on probation, a fraud charge could land you in jail. Being served with a summons at your home or place of employment is embarrassing and who knows what could happen if you are blacklisted. The “collector” can make it all go away with a simple payment... 

Should you make that payment? NO!!! These calls are scams. The entire purpose of the call is to scare you into making payments. You’ll lose the money, and you’ll still owe the payday lender. Because these are scams, there is no real protection under the FDCPA. The best thing you can do is hang-up and call the Attorney General.

Do not become a victim. If you have questions regarding collection calls from a payday lender that is threatening you with jail, call one of our experienced attorneys today.