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What Happens at a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors?

When you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you must attend a “Meeting of Creditors”. The meeting generally occurs about one month after your case is filed. At the meeting, creditors have the opportunity to ask questions, though they very rarely appear.   

The true purpose of the meeting is to allow for the Trustee that oversees the case to examine you under oath about the information that was listed in your bankruptcy schedules. The Trustee is attempting to find any assets which he or she can liquidate for the benefit of your creditors. The hearing is generally very short, about five to ten minutes. Your attorney will have already asked you the same questions that the Trustee will ask, so there should not be any surprises. As long as you have been completely honest with your attorney, the meeting of creditors is almost certain to be a quick and simple meeting.

Make sure that you bring your license or ID card and your Social Security Card. The Trustee must examine these items to verify your identity. Failure to bring these items will result in your case being continued. If you are unable to locate your Social Security Card, a W-2 will suffice. Make sure to call your attorney if you have any questions regarding which documents will work to verify your identity.