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Do You Have An Asset You Do Not Know About?

When you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy all of your assets become property of the bankruptcy estate. Your attorney will then apply exemptions to protect your property so it is not taken by your Trustee. In most cases, we can protect all of your property and you will not have to turn over anything to the Trustee.

But what if you have an asset you don’t even know about? Failure to schedule an asset may keep you from being able to protect it. Depending on the type of asset, it’s possible that it can not be protected. One such asset is a cause of action for personal injury or medical malpractice. Every year several prescription drugs are found to be harmful and law suits are undertaken to help make injured victims whole. If you have taken one of these prescription drugs it’s important to let your bankruptcy attorney know. If you have a legitimate cause of action it may be best to postpone your bankruptcy so any recovery is not taken by the Trustee. Below are a list of current drugs that may be dangerous. If you have taken one of these drugs, and suffered from any of the listed problems, contact me today at (314) 802-8328.

DRUG OR DEVICE                                                             

  • Anti-Depressants (Lexapro-Celexa-Zoloft)                               

  • Testosterone Gel (Androgel, Testim, Axiron, Androderm)       

  • Xarelto                                                                                           

  • Risperdal                                                                                       

  • Metal on Metal Hips                                                                      

  • Lipitor                                                                                             

  • Power Morcellator                                                                             


  • Birth Defects in Children.
  • Heart Attacks, Strokes, Blood Clots.   
  • Intestinal Bleeds, Brain Hemorrhages.
  • Male Breast Growth.
  • Failed Hips Needing Replacement
  • Diabetes in Post-Menopausal Women
  • Uterine Cancer Following Hysterectomy or Fibroid Removal Surgery