Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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If you’re having trouble paying your bills, or are just in over your head with debt, then you’re in the right place. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection allows debtors to get rid of most of their debts, and start over with a clean slate. The Law Office of Andrew Magdy can assist clients with both personal and business bankruptcies. In fact, Andrew has filed thousands of bankruptcies for good people in many different situations. He will fight for your rights aggressively, with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and success behind him. After sitting down with Andrew at your free initial consultation, we’ll take the stress out of your situation and get you filed quickly – and at an affordable rate, too! We are talking immediate debt relief for you at this difficult time, and the opportunity to start fresh, right now. You can even set up your own payment plan if you cannot pay everything upfront. This is all about what is right for you. Please do not hesitate to call, as we gladly give advice over the phone: 314-802-8328.


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Filing for bankruptcy isn’t that out of the ordinary, and a Chapter 7 is the most common type. It allows individuals to promptly discharge (no longer be legally responsible for) unsecured debts, such as:

  • high-interest credit cards
  • medical bills
  • utility debts
  • personal/payday loans
  • judgements
  • leases
  • certain types of business debt
  • certain taxes
  • plus many other types of debt

When you file for relief under Chapter 7, your bankruptcy Trustee will examine your assets and determine whether there is anything of value that could be liquidated. The proceeds are distributed to your unsecured creditors. However, the vast majority of Chapter 7 bankruptcies do not result in the loss of any property. This is because certain property may be exempted from the bankruptcy estate. In other words, you are allowed to retain most property. From beginning to end, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lasts three to four months.

Filing under Chapter 7 is not right for everyone though. If you make too much money you may not qualify for a Chapter 7; if you are behind on your mortgage or car payments, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may not be ideal for you as your creditors may seek a return of the property. You may want to consider filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Every individual case is unique. Andrew will evaluate your situation and advise you of the best solution.

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