As we prepare for 2019, many of us will be making New Year’s Resolutions. Some of these may fall quickly by the wayside, but if you are truly resolute in changing your life for the better, should your primary resolution be to get out of debt? Imagine the weight that will be lifted of your shoulders with the clean slate an immediate debt relief bankruptcy can provide.

Think back on the past year. Did you live paycheck to paycheck? Were you constantly worried about bills? Did unexpected expenses cause you to take out loans you simply cannot afford to repay? Has a loss of employment affected you or your family?

If any of these situations apply to you, bankruptcy may be the best way to start your new year. I’m sure you don’t want to file bankruptcy, nobody does. Often, however, it is your best option. And it is not something to be afraid or ashamed of. Every day I meet with people just like you. They’ve put filing off for as long as possible. The decisions they’ve made to postpone filing have cost them dearly. The fear of filing bankruptcy has caused stress in their relationships, caused them to make sacrifices for themselves and their family, and to make horrible decisions regarding retirement accounts that will greatly diminish their ability to care for themselves and their loved ones in old age.

Although clients are apprehensive when they first meet with me, they are always relieved when I explain the process and help them take back control of their lives. In fact, many of my clients are amazed at how simple I make the process, and later tell me it was the best decision they ever made. Do not be afraid of bankruptcy. Call me for a free, confidential consultation. I can help you eliminate your debt and make 2019 one of the best years of your life.

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