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Filing for Bankruptcy via Skype, from your Home

I know how difficult it can be to take time off from work to meet with me in my St. Louis or Barnhart offices for your free bankruptcy consultation. To make this difficult process as easy as possible, I’ve developed a system that allows for me to file your bankruptcy via Skype, without you ever having to come in to the office. No matter where you live in the Eastern District of Missouri, I can provide you the same excellent and thorough bankruptcy representation that I have provided to thousands of now happily debt-free Missourians.


Call 314-802-8328 for a free consult today.

Step One
Call 314-802-8328 or email me to set up your free telephonic bankruptcy consultation. We will discuss your unique situation and determine whether bankruptcy is the right solution for you.
Step 1
Step Two
If you decided that bankruptcy is the best solution for you and that you would like to hire my firm, we will send you out a contract to sign for our services. There will also be a short questionnaire you will need to complete and a list of necessary documents.
Step 3
Step Three
Once we have received the necessary fees, questionnaire and documents we will prepare your petition. We will call you to verify the information is correct and send you a copy of the petition to review.
Step 1
Step Four
Once you have reviewed the petition we will meet via a video chat program such as Skype (click to download). I’ll answer any and all questions you have regarding the petition and when you are satisfied the information is correct, I will watch you sign.
Step 3
Step Five
You return the petition with original signatures to my office and I file your case. You will then be notified of a court date to attend in person. The courthouse will most likely be near to you.
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