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Are you tired of being broke? Worried about losing your home to debt? Getting harassed by collection agencies? Never going to be able to pay off those credit cards with high interest rates? Or do you just need a fresh start for you and your family to finally get out of that hole and start climbing the financial ladder? Life happens, and as a local St. Louis Bankruptcy attorney, Andrew Magdy knows that. He has almost a decade of experience in bankruptcy, personally filing over 2000 cases - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 - in that time. 

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Now here is something that you really need to know: Bankruptcy is not a badge of shame. Bankruptcy is a way to draw a line in the sand and say, “I've had enough!” Bankruptcy is certainly not an end. It is a beginning. Bankruptcy is a fresh start. It is a way to begin again with a fresh slate. Bankruptcy is all about stress relief, and here at The Law Office of Andrew Magdy we like to be there for you at this difficult time - check out all the referrals from our happy clients below.


Gregory and Carolyn P.:

"Andrew was very helpful to us at any time we call. He always responded in a timely order. And yes I would and did recommend someone to him recently. Thank you for all you've done."

Greg P.:

"This is the second time I have used my attorneys service and I can say that he has gotten me through both of our bankruptcies in the most professional, courteous and timely manner. Please thank him for me!"

Louis R.:

"Originally sought help through Legal Helpers who did very little for us until Mr. Magdy took over our case, at which point he was very helpful and instructive".

The Law Office of Andrew Magdy makes great effort to provide 100% client satisfaction. Your reviews are extremely important to us and we really appreciate your feedback.  If you liked our services and diligent practice of bankruptcy law, please let us know. If for any reason our service did not meet your expectations, we ask that you give us the opportunity to address your concerns before writing a disparaging review.


Leonard and Suellen F.:

"Friendly, kindly service. Was able to help us navigate when wife became unemployed."

Tony B.:

"Attorney Andrew was very very helpful after becoming my lawyer and always kept me informed of things in a timely manner... he was very easy to speak with... (so) you can understand. Thanks for your support!"

Mark and Christina B.:

"Thanks for being there for me in (my) time of need. I will do my best to stay on top of all obligations. Thanks again."

Thomas B.:

"The whole process was smooth and trouble free."

Buffie H.:

"Mr. Magdy was there in person, for court and any questions one may have. Made going through bankruptcy as easy as it could be"

Estelita C.:

"When I first started going to Legal Helpers, I had seen at least four different lawyers before my case was filed in court. But when Atty Andrew Magdy handled my case, I was very much satisfied with his services. Most especially when I needed his help re: foreclosure. Please accept my sincere gratitude for everything Atty. Magdy, and more power to you!"

Diane and Rich B.:

"Andrew showed us Bankruptcy is certainly not the end. It is a beginning. Bankruptcy is a fresh start. It is a way to begin again with a fresh slate. We now live within a budget and understand our financial history. We have planned the future of our financial success"

William L.:

"Very Well Pleased"

Minnie C.:

"Thank you, thank you, for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Elbert and Tanika K.:

"We value your service. We felt important as you took the time and showed patience and exhibited great knowledge in answering our many questions. This event made us very anxious, but your professionalism helped calm us down. Continued blessings!"

Robert P.:

"Thank you, Andrew and Mark, for your excellent service. Your empathy, understanding, and professional competence was exactly what I needed! I could not have completed my bankruptcy without your help"

Siinya D.:

"I worked with several lawyers, all were very professional and nice. They all displayed very courteous attitudes"

Marion and Janet T.:

"Andrew and his staff were really nice and understanding. He filed our case in timely fashion. Andrew was concerned about things that pop up. Thanks again!"

Wade and Britnee S.:

"This was our first experience with filing. Hopefully will never happen again, but it was a very helpful experience"

Johnny and Bonita M.:

"Very impressed with overall knowledge of bankruptcy. Also took time to answer questions and research information. Timely in getting issues resolved. Would definitely recommend family and friends"

Vanessa W.:

"Just like to say thanks, I thought that I was going to be a lost cause... what a great help!"

Kevin M.:

"Thanks for the time and effort. I think everyone deserves a second chance to fix his or her financial crumble, whatever led to that nightmare - thanks for (attending to) my needs successfully!"

Michael F.:

"Great job!"

Stanley and Keni B.:

"I was very pleased with all of the info and knowledge that was given. Thank you again"

Raymond and Gilda T.:

"We feel very pleased with all you have done in our case. Being that the first firm (we worked with) did a poor job in handling our case. And thanks to your firm we can put it passed us and move forward. The classes were helpful also"

Charles R.:

"Friendly, professional, quick to respond and helpful"

Glenn G.:

"When meeting with Andrew his knowledge of my particular case was impressive and reassuring. That really made me feel comfortable at times when I was stressed. Hopefully I will not need an attorney in the future, but I will contact Andrew if I do"

Matt C.:

"Thank you for having personell available to answer phones and for receiving documents at the office."

Julie K.:

"I appreciate the way Mr. Magdy answered my questions in a way that didn't make me feel belittled, and never made me feel embarrassed about my bankruptcy. I also appreciated being able to pay in installments instead of up front"

Nancy K.:

"When my case was handled through Legal Helpers/Macey Bankruptcy it was almost impossible to talk to anyone. Once the case was being handled by Andrew Magdy and Chantal Methot I was able to talk immediately with Chantal and get my questions answered. Thank you!"

Roosevelt C.:

"Attorney Magdy (is) a very impressive attorney"

Sheila M.:

"Thank you Andrew for all your hard work and calm demeanor. Mark was always so helpful also. I can now get on with building my life back, actually forward!" 

Glenda M.:

"...completely satisfied"

Michael H.:

"All this had started with job cuts at STLPS, two weeks notice for 45 others including myself. I had used all my savings to pay the bills and that ran out. Jobs where not there, it was hard. Bankruptcy was the only way out. I am back working again, thank God, and thank you!"

Chester A.:

"You have my complete satisfaction, would pass your number on to my friends if they ever need help. Thank you. Under all the reasons (in the client satisfaction survey) you were nice and handled my questions fast and right. Thanks again!"

William and Kelly P.:

"Before Andrew Magdy took over our case, phone calls were not returned by [the] lawyer (don't remember his name from Legal Helpers). Information was very unclear when we called for help at Legal Helpers. Andrew Magdy was helpful when we called and returned phone calls"

Jennifer F.:

"Andrew was always helpful. He took my case without question [after the collapse of Macey Bankruptcy] and helped me until I was discharged"

Dominick and Teri M.:

"Three different attorneys [worked on the case, and] Andrew Magdy was the most informative and precise"

Angela T.:

"I fell that our needs were taken care of and that our case was taken care of by the firm."

Lawrence M.:

"The Attorney helped me a lot through this case. His advice and timely responses to all my questions gave me an ease of comfort."

The choice of an attorney is an important one and should not be based solely upon advertisements.