Many people are afraid to file for bankruptcy because they think it will be too difficult to get back on their feet or that filing is too costly. They go on suffering, afraid to seek help. Others move forward but make the mistake of believing that their choice of attorney to help them through the process does not matter. At the Law Office of Andrew Magdy, LLC, you work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to get you through the bankruptcy process and on the road to financial health.

We work with your best interests in mind

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to discuss your options. Here, we offer a free consultation and we work to deliver what is best for you — not for us. We promise you will receive the best value for your money. Our practice is concentrated specifically on Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy, ensuring we have full expertise and remain up-to-date on the laws to provide you with the best results.

Let us help you with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you have problems paying bills or have too many debts, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be recommended. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection helps debtors get rid of their obligations and start a new life. We at Magdy Law help our customers with both business and personal bankruptcies, fighting for your rights with great experience and knowledge. We are flexible and allow our fees to be in installments.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps you rearrange your debt plan and reform your finances into an affordable monthly payment. It saves your assets from repossession or foreclosure and eliminates almost all unsecured debts by the end of the plan. Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan is a lengthy and potentially difficult process that requires experience and expertise. We are well-versed in the process and will help you through each step.

Getting help has never been easier

The bankruptcy process is more straightforward than ever before because we can currently operate under more accessible rules and regulations. We can meet over Zoom, Skype or phone, depending on what is easiest for you. You don’t need to come to our office or print any documents to sign, since we can do everything electronically. If you need bankruptcy help, give us a call, or complete our online contact form today.